I Am Not Buying Jewellery…


I have been blessed with an order to produce six individual wirework pendants.

“Will it take long?” my customer asked?

“Well, I will need to

–     design the piece

–     ensure I have the appropriate wire for the design

–     construct the design

–     weave and wrap the design

–     hammer where required

–     oxidise

–     seal the piece

–     prepare presentation

All of the above X 6” I replied.

My customer was quiet.  “Well, it’s quite a process then.”


I really don’t think it is appreciated the work that goes into handmade. Now that I am selling on Etsy, the work doesn’t stop  once the piece has been made either.  There then follows

–      photography (five different pictures) taking into account lighting, angles and sizing

–     relevant heading, description and tags to consider

–     social media/advertising your product.

Once an order has been made, there’s also the presentation and shipping to take care of.

So, all in all, it is quite a process.  So next time you consider purchasing, please consider the handmade market and the time and effort it takes for you to receive your unique present.

My client is now awaiting his order (at time of writing, I have one more to make), but what made me smile was his comment…”I am not buying jewellery, I am buying you as a designer and your designs.”

What a lovely thing to hear and it brought a big smile to my face.

Has something different made you smile this week?









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