Colour Craze

In my last post, Doodling Off Topic, I discovered the art of designing Mandala drawing to colour in.

I thought I would give some ideas how to colour a Mandala.

1  Use a colour wheel as your guide.

colour-wheelChoose a light colour to start with in the centre of the Mandala then gradually work round each colour graduating out.  Or you may want to work round the wheel starting with a dark colour.  Alternatively, use colours opposite each other on the wheel.

2  Don’t fill the whole shape with colour – draw closely spaced parallel lines.  When you graduate to the next round, change directions of your lines.


3  Go bold.  Use bright colours.  Be adventurous!

4 Go pastel.

5 Go monochrome.

6 Use different pens or pencils i.e. gel pens

7 Go dotty. Fill the spaces with dots, large and small.

This list is not exhaustive.  Can you think of other ways to colour?

Here’s the link for the above Mandalas.


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