I Am Not Buying Jewellery…


I have been blessed with an order to produce six individual wirework pendants.

“Will it take long?” my customer asked?

“Well, I will need to

–     design the piece

–     ensure I have the appropriate wire for the design

–     construct the design

–     weave and wrap the design

–     hammer where required

–     oxidise

–     seal the piece

–     prepare presentation

All of the above X 6” I replied.

My customer was quiet.  “Well, it’s quite a process then.”


I really don’t think it is appreciated the work that goes into handmade. Now that I am selling on Etsy, the work doesn’t stop  once the piece has been made either.  There then follows

–      photography (five different pictures) taking into account lighting, angles and sizing

–     relevant heading, description and tags to consider

–     social media/advertising your product.

Once an order has been made, there’s also the presentation and shipping to take care of.

So, all in all, it is quite a process.  So next time you consider purchasing, please consider the handmade market and the time and effort it takes for you to receive your unique present.

My client is now awaiting his order (at time of writing, I have one more to make), but what made me smile was his comment…”I am not buying jewellery, I am buying you as a designer and your designs.”

What a lovely thing to hear and it brought a big smile to my face.

Has something different made you smile this week?









Animal Magic

Everyone has a favourite animal. Personally, I love birds, elephants, monkeys, apes, sealife and much more.

I can’t really recall what inspired me to include animals as part of  my designs but I do recall wanting my animal designs to stand out.

It is not easy to try and establish the correct shape of the animal but my aim was to achieve a shape so you could recognise what animal it is!  Lots of sketching was required before hand, certainly with my horse and seahorse pendants.



I wanted to achieve a sense of individuality  with my designs and to feel confident my customer would know  they have something different and original.

I don’t really know if any other animals may be on the agenda.  I would love to create the shape of an elephant head, but would someone wear it? That is the question.

What animal would you like to see incorporated into jewellery?




Colour Craze

In my last post, Doodling Off Topic, I discovered the art of designing Mandala drawing to colour in.

I thought I would give some ideas how to colour a Mandala.

1  Use a colour wheel as your guide.

colour-wheelChoose a light colour to start with in the centre of the Mandala then gradually work round each colour graduating out.  Or you may want to work round the wheel starting with a dark colour.  Alternatively, use colours opposite each other on the wheel.

2  Don’t fill the whole shape with colour – draw closely spaced parallel lines.  When you graduate to the next round, change directions of your lines.


3  Go bold.  Use bright colours.  Be adventurous!

4 Go pastel.

5 Go monochrome.

6 Use different pens or pencils i.e. gel pens

7 Go dotty. Fill the spaces with dots, large and small.

This list is not exhaustive.  Can you think of other ways to colour?

Here’s the link for the above Mandalas.

Doodling off topic

When writing blog posts, I’ve always been advised not to go “off topic”, but today, I’ll be doing just that.

In my post “What Stole My Mojo?” I asked you to take a peek at my Etsy shop to see if you could see anything not jewellery related.

Did you spot my new designs?

EPSON MFP imageAm I mad to change direction including these design with my jewellery?

Life can be hectic, and although I find making my wirework jewellery very therapeutic, sometimes I just want to snuggle up and watch TV.  However, I find it hard sometimes just to sit there – my hands need to be busy.  Then I discovered Zentangle – art therapy, meditative drawing to reduce stress, increase wellbeing and enhance relaxation.  It was only about 6 weeks ago, and for the life of me, I can’t think how I came upon it.  Here’s an example of Zentangle that I done.



I’m not going to go into details about Zentangle – check it out yourself.  Please don’t say “I can’t draw.” Being able to draw is not a requirement!

As a result of Zentangle, I began to “zendoodle” and created pictures that you are able to colour in.  I then moved on and designed my very first Mandal picture.  Mandala is a circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

I’ll be talking about my Mandala in my next post and will be give some guidance on how to colour it.

As there appears to be a colouring craze going on at the moment, I hope my designs provide some pleasure.

What creative process have you discovered or rediscovered in yourself?