What is in a letter?

If you’ve connected to my Facebook page, or have visited my shop, you may have noticed the alphabet fairy has dropped by.

It has been on my mind to do letters for a while, and I’m so pleased I did as they were a pleasure to make.  One reason why, is that I can pretty much keep it freeform and go with the flow to create the look I’m after.


I’ll be honest though, I won’t be working through the alphabet, unless there is a demand, as some letters would be trickier (though that wouldn’t stop me trying!).

I’ve marketed these letters as pendant  necklaces or bag charms and most of my tags relate to “initial letter.”  My question is, when you see a letter, or monogram, is your name your initial thought (no pun intended!).


Bearing that in mind, would you wear a letter that wasn’t your initial, but meant something else to you ie your partner’s name, your pet name, or something more general like ‘peace’ or ‘love’?

It would be interesting to see if anyone thinks outside the box.  Let me know what you think?



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