What stole my mojo?


It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted regularly.

I feel quite guilty to be honest that I neglected my blog because I made such an effort to get it up and running in the first place.  Here’s the thing though – I had a website at the time and I made a conscious decision to remove my website in favour of opening an Etsy shop.  And so I took the leap and  I soon realised how much time and effort you need to run an Etsy shop.

I also realised that I was competing in a category that is the top category in Etsy – Jewellery/Jewelry.  It is estimated by December 2016 there will be 12,885,710 jewellery listings worldwide in Etsy.  So you can see, I’ve certainly got my work cut out trying to get my listings seen by shoppers!! At the end of the day though, it fits in with my lifestyle, and that suits me fine.

However, I realised I was missing my blog, and now I’ve got to the stage where I can  concentrate on both my shop and my blog.

Please feel free to take a peek at my shop  KarenJJewellery  You will see my wirework jewellery, but you will also see something else, very much unexpected and not jewellery related!

So a big thank you for joining me again and I look forward to connecting with you.

ps a big thank you to my Etsy colleague Metzli for helping me rediscover my blogging mojo!!




3 thoughts on “What stole my mojo?

  1. Yes, there is lots of jewelry on Etsy, but those who stick with it eventually get a following, and blogging does help. In my case, I decided that jewelry was not my ‘thing’ although I could make it. I switched to something more my style–fabrics!!!

    good luck with your shop and blogging!


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