Knitting Like the Vikings

I write this with a pit in my stomach.  Is that the right expression?

It’s been a mixed week.   I must admit, only because I’m quite used to my weekly  routines and half term last week (which was great by the way), has thrown my routine out of sync.   There’s also been a Birthday to prepare for, a job application to contemplate and my vacuum decided to stop vacuuming. Then I get that dreaded phone call from school…there’s been an accident…my youngest son has had a fall…and his front tooth has broken.  His adult tooth.  I am crying inside, I tell you, and every time I think of it, I feel this almighty thud in my stomach.   I know all mums and dads reading this will resonate with that.

I won’t go into the dental details but I do foresee lots of dental visits in the future.  No one ever says being a parent is easy and when times do get a little testing, I know with confidence that I can go to my craft,  for some therapeutic support!  Believe me, once you get into the zone, it works wonders.

I decided to return to practice a technique which I have only recently tried – Viking Knit.  This technique is also known as Trichinopoly but Viking Knit sounds a bit more exciting, and is easier to say! In brief, it is the type of a weave/chain which origin dates back as far as Viking era of 9th and 10th centuries but I won’t embellish any more of its history as it appears ambiguous.

The first technique I tried was the actual chain.  There is a branded tool available to help create the tubular chain and although it does take some practice, there is something very therapeutic about creating this.

First attempt at Viking Weave chain.
First attempt at Viking Weave chain.

Another design using the technique is wrapping a cabochon.  This is the design I did this week and I loved it! It can only work on certain shapes as the weave needs to anchor the stone, but once I started I couldn’t stop until it was finished.  Turn it sideways and I can see a fish and even a hedgehog!

Viking Knit Weave round an Onyx cabochon

I was so pleased I did this, one for taking my mind off my poor son’s tooth, and another for reigniting my desire to knit like a Viking!

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Hannah Spannah Coco Banana

6 thoughts on “Knitting Like the Vikings

  1. The weaving and the jewelry are beautiful, but that’s not what prompted me to write. As a 7-year-old kid, I fell and broke BOTH my front teeth really badly. Yes, they were my adult permanent teeth at that. It is not the end of the world. The worry you’re feeling is normal. Teeth can be repaired and replaced. Please listen to your child if they say their teeth hurt (even 5 years from now) because this type of accident can have unforeseen consequences that take a long time to develop (I had an abscess for 5 years and didn’t know it). It hurt, but my parents thought I was just trying to get attention until X-rays finally showed it. Today, I have a bridge, which looks better than my natural teeth. Traumatic, yes, but definitely not the worst experience of my life! Kids are resilient and bounce back. I even feel happy when I get to go to the dentist–I guess through my trauma, I learned to associate dentist = fixed problem!

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  2. First – your jewelry. I really like this technique and the cabochon is stunning. Well done. Nw t your son. Oh no! I can tell you from experience that he’ll be ok. I lost my front adult teeth as a teenager, just after i had my braces taken off as well! I kept the tooth but it went black, then lightened but then at some point, darkened again. In the end, I paid for a cap and no onne can tell that I had it. They can do wonders. It costs a fortune mind you but it can be fixed. Bless him though, I bet it was horrible. My son has a knack for hitting the same tooth every time he has an accident. Thanks for linking to #Findtribe


    1. Thank you Hannah. The dentist is treating it now but has said will have to be done properly by way of crown/bridge when his face has fully grown ie when he’s 18. He’s absolutely fine…I’m more upset than him!!

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