Review of Jewellery Maker’s Beaded Bangle Kit


I have been approached by TV’s Jewellery Maker to write a review for one of their products – a beaded bangle jewellery making project kit.

Here is the kit in its packaging.

Beaded Bangle kit

There are four colours available on Jewellery Maker’s website; silver plated copper, gold plated copper, rose gold plated copper and black plated copper.  I was presented with black in a generous sized sturdy box.

The kit comprised of :

50 x 8mm metal beads,

2 x 7.5″ black bangles and

5m of 0.6mm black coated wire.

Beaded Bangle 2

The beads are a good weight and the shiny coating on the beads, wire and bangles clearly shows this product will not tarnish.

There is also a set of instructions which concertina out.  These consist of 5 easy steps to complete the bangle.  It also advises on the tools required i.e. flat nose pliers and wire cutters.  There is also a jewellery making tip on the back.

Beaded Bangle 4

In summary, you attach the wire on one of the bangles…

Beaded Bangle 5

thread a bead and wrap the wire around the second bangle..

Beaded Bangle 6

and you continue to thread and wrap until the end.

Beaded Bangle

I fell into the rhythm of weaving the wire in an under/over motion.  I found this quite therapeutic, however, if you’re not used to threading ‘hollow’ metal beads, be prepared for some fiddly wriggly fun!  My advice would be to keep the end of your wire as straight as you can.

The completion of the bangle took less than an hour and the result was an attractive looking quality sturdy bangle.

Beaded Bangle 10Beaded Bangle 9

Beaded Bangle

After completing the bangle, there was a generous amount of leftovers!

Beaded Bangle 11

If I could make a suggestion to Jewellery Maker, it would be to have a removable sticker on the box (perhaps the brand could be placed inside the lid), as the box would make a lovely gift box.

Beaded Bangle 12

If you’re thinking of starting jewellery making, want to try working with wire, or simply want to make a lovely design where all the components are ready to work with, then this kit is for you.  You can find the Jewellery Maker Project Kit here.

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