Non Essential Wirework Tools

This is another post about tools, but this time, they are not so essential (in my opinion) as the previous ones mentioned.

Here goes…

1     I have mentioned previously how round nose pliers and nylon jaw pliers are essential wirework tools, however, put them together in one tool and you have nylon round nose pliers.  I personally am not that keen as they don’t offer the strength or support needed. Better used for coloured coated wire where you don’t want to scratch them.

nylon round nose pliers


2     This is an Ear Wire Jig.  In itself, it is a great idea.  This is the French Wire version; there are other versions available.  The reason it is on this list is that there are other tools (probably already in your stash) that can create perfectly suitable ear wires.

ear wire jig

3     This is a wire bender. Place your wire between the cogs and created perfectly formed zig-zags or curves, depending on the cogs selected.  I’ve had this tool a while now, but simply not used it yet.

wire bender

4     Next is the Wire Writing kit.  I think this would make an ideal present for a child, but if you’re serious about wire writing…do it freehand.

wire writing set

5    Finally, this odd looking contraption is for wire twisting.  I am being a little unfair here, because the tool itself is brilliant.  Clamp the wires in the jaws of the pliers and click to secure (this does require great strength to do this!).  Attach the other end of the wires in a vice, then pull the pliers up to tighten the wire, let go and let the pliers twirl away.  Keep repeating  until you have the required twist. It does take practice, but this really is a fun tool to use.  I just haven’t incorporated twisted wire in my designs yet.

wire twister

So there is my list of tools that I don’t use that often.

Do you have any tools or equipment that you don’t use that often? Or are any of these tools essential to you?

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