5 Essential Wireworking Tools

Here are my top 5 tools I use for my craft of wirework.  I have chosen these because these are the ones that I can use to wrap and weave, and they are portable to follow me where I go…If I have these, I can create.

In no particular order…

These are my chain nose pliers, used for precision positioning and creating angles and much more.  This is probably the tool I use the most.

chain nose pliers

These are wire cutters.  A must for achieving flush edges.  Not for memory wire though!

wire cutters

Round nose plies for bends, curves and perfect spirals. I shall show you how to create a perfect spiral at a later date.

round nose pliers

Nylon jaw pliers used to straighten wire and to keep wire weaves tidy and uniform.

nylon jaw pliers

Needle nose pliers used for precision and tucking away wire ends.

needle nose pliers

These are my favourites, but I have more to show that are very useful, and not so useful.   Watch this space.

What are your favourite tools?  Please Tweet if you think others may find this useful. #KarenJJewellery for a RT from me.

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