Why Buy Handmade?


The craft scene has exploded in recent years which means “Handmade” is big business.  What exactly attracts us though to handmade?

Here’s what I think:

  • You can expect quality because the seller has made the item with love.  you can expect their passion to shine through.
  • You know you have something original and unique. You can be confident of your individual product with the knowledge that it hasn’t been mass produced.sun pendant 1
  • Handmade items speak out.  They are personal for both the buyer and the seller.
  • Handmade items showcase talent.
  • Handmade is inspiring.  How often have you said in awe – “is that handmade?”
  • There is great availability as there are so many outlets to buy handmade.  Online has numerous sites (including my own!) and many items are available at independent shop outlets as they appreciate quality and saleability.
  • You are supporting small business and local artists.  Your support is greatly appreciated
  • Consider how your friend values receiving an handmade gift compared to a mass produced gift.
  • A handmade gift is so much more thoughtful. It is saying you care.
  • Be the first to discover a new design or designer.
  • Getting to know the designer may lead to a customized or bespoke piece being made.

    Bespoke make by Karen J Jewellery
    Bespoke make by Karen J Jewellery

So there you have some of my reasons why you should consider buying handmade products.  Let me know if you have any of your own.

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8 thoughts on “Why Buy Handmade?

  1. No-one can show up at your party in your stolen piece and not get caught!
    I love that you say it’s personal to both the creator and the buyer. That’s so true.
    My kids make things for me at school and I literally have a room full of their work that I just can’t bring myself to chucking! It’s not super-expensive art work, but I know they made that card or candle stick holder with so much love. :/
    I’m a sucker for sentiment! 🙂


  2. Unique and original are the best reasons for me! I have two sisters who support their families on creating beautiful jewelry and clothing pieces. I know hard they work, but they love it and get so excited when someone else loves it, too.


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